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Picture: Claude Zanter
Picture: Claude Zanter

We both are passionated hunters, trackers, hunting-dog owners and studied forest sciences & wildlife management in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. 
Already my great-grandfather and my grand-mother had an immense passion for hunting dogs und bred DK's and DD's for hunting and tracking. They have always worked with different hunting dogs breeds, including dachshunds. The dachshund-love passed over to my mother and myself, and later also to Georges.

Since my early childhood hunting dogs (mainly DK and dachshunds) were a main part of my life and I could not imagine a life without them.
We are convinced that dachshunds are the ideal companions for hunting and tracking that shouldn't be underestimated because of their size.


Marianne Jacobs und Georges Kugener

Some old memories with our tracking and hunting dogs 

Our work with and around the dachshunds

We train all our dogs: Obedience, trust and fun are in the first place. Later we train blood tracking, game flushing, retrieval (small game: rabbits, pigeon or ducks) and den-work!


Tracking wounded large game is a legal obligation in Luxembourg. But moreover we see it as our duty in order to respect the wounded animals. Therefore we committed ourselves completely to blood tracking and later to breeding reliable blood tracking dogs. Out of many reasons, we chose the dachshund for this work: they are brave, strong-minded, have great noses and an unshakable will to find wounded game. We track roe deer, wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, moufflon, and occasionally foxes, sika deer and chamois.


Furthermore we try our best to keep up the high standards for breeding, testing and training hunting dogs, and thus are very active in our hunting dog association, the Centrale du Chien de Chasse , the national all-breed kennel club FCL and in our DTK group.

If you are interested in the training and education of your hunting dog, the C.C.C. site could be interesting for you: www.jagdhunde.lu


You can also find a puppy school offered by the C.C.C, where you get help to prepare your puppy /young dog for its later activities.


and therefore also of JGHV, VDH, WUT, FCL, SCC and FCI

Picture: Claude Zanter
Picture: Claude Zanter