Utah vom Neunten Weinberg 

© Raoul Topi Photography
© Raoul Topi Photography
  • Date of Birth: 16 March 2014
  • FCI / DTK


  • Sfk (gun steadiness)
  • Sp/J (Spurlaut)
  • BhFK/95 (Fox trial)
  • BhN(F)/Dir (natural fox work)
  • BHP-G (Obedience, character test and water)
  • Vp (Versatility test: blood tracking 20h + flushing + Spurlaut + Obedience)
  • ESw (work on wildboar: flushing and baying)
  • Wa.T (water test)
  • Character test (Wesenstest DRC)
  • Obedience test (Gehorsamsnachweis C.C.C)


  • Titels: Saarland-Sieger 2017; VDH-Saar Sieger Neunkrichen 2017
  • Conformation CACIB Dog Show (FCI): multiple times V1
  • Conformation DTK Zuchtschau: V (Excellent)
  • 1x CACIB (Qualification for the international beauty champion)
  • 1x CACL (Qualification for the Luxembourgish champion)
  • 4x VDH-CAC (Qualification for the German champion)
  • 2x DTK CAC (Qualification for the DTK champion)
  • 2x BOS (Best of Opposite Sex)


  • OI clear (N/N)
  • crd-PRA clear (N/N)
  • DM Exon 2 clear (N/N)
  • NCL 1 clear (N/N)
  • NCL 2 clear (N/N)
  • DOK- ECVO: Eyes tested: PRA and cataract preliminary free (last test: April 2017)
  • Heart - ultrasound: no abnormalities detected (last test: January 2017)
  • Patella: grade 0 (clear)
  • Teeth & tail status


  • Furnishing (F/F)
  • registered DNA-profile
  • approved for performance breeding
  • proof of origin DTK 1888
  • inscribed in the working teckel book (Gebrauchsteckelbuch) of the German Teckklub (DTK)
  • Brood bitch - breeding permission FCL/FCI
  • active tracking and hunting dog
  • stud: Zacko von Osterwede, Brood bitch: Olea vom Neunten Weinberg


Utah works very calm and collected on blood tracks. We have high expectations of her and think that she is able to do the same outstanding tracking work as Quinn in the near future. It is a great pleasure to observe her endurance, tenacity, hardiness and dauntlessness on wild boar! This small dog has really no idea of her own size. . . an neither do the wild boars!

She also works highly passionated on predators and hunts with a good Spurlaut (being loud on scent). She is the most versatile dog in our "pack" and is always ready for hunting and tracking.

Her character is very friendly with an even temper, which makes her a perfect companion! I want to thank family von Gersdorff a lot for this exceptional tracking dog!

Out of the report of the character test (Wesenstest) by the DRC judge Klaus Karrenberg:

(for the original german version, please see here)

"The [15 months old] dachshund bitch acted very spirited, she pursued persevering a goal. The play-behavior was present in a distinctive way. The will to make prey was presented very strongly. She is very attentive. The subordination willingness and the relationship [to the owner] are good. She behaves confident when in contact with strangers. She was also confident in the alley and lateral position. She has no fear of shots. She is able to work under visual and acoustical pressure."