Wirehaired Dachshunds: by hunters for hunters (FCI)

Wirehaired dachshunds out of performance breeding for blood tracking and hunting 

Since many years we committed ourselves to blood tracking and later to breeding reliable blood tracking and hunting dogs. Out of many reasons, we chose the dachshund for this work: they are brave, strong-minded, have great noses and an unshakable will to find wounded game. 

It is our wish to breed well tempered, friendly and passionated dachshunds for all hunting purposes. We seek to unify all important characteristics, like character, health, hunting passion, nose performance, endurance and appearance. 

It is very fundamental to us, that our dogs are distinguished hunters above and below the ground. Blood tracking however is the main focus of our breeding program. We therefore promote all important qualities from beginning on, of course in adapted degree! Our puppies will, as a matter of principal, only go to hunters and trackers.



You are warmly welcome to visit us and the dogs in Stegen, in the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!



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We do blood tracking for fellow hunters! Please call if you need a tracking dog!