A puppy "vun der décker Lann"

© Raoul Topi Photography (Nallo, Nuck, Nahla, Nuxe, Nimrod ("Rowdy") & Nurmi)
© Raoul Topi Photography (Nallo, Nuck, Nahla, Nuxe, Nimrod ("Rowdy") & Nurmi)

We started breeding dachshunds, because we believe in the high qualities of this breed for blood tracking and hunting. As dedicated hunters, trackers and foresters by profession we need the qualities these dogs bring along: they are brave, strong minded, fearless, have great noses and an unshakeable will to find wounded game.


In all conscience we try to mate excellent dogs, from character as well as from their exterior, health and tracking / hunting performances:

Next to the hunting abilities, an excellent health of the parents is the basis of good breeding. Our breeding stock is tested for OI, crd-PRA, cataracts, PRA, NCL1, NCL2 and DM. Also a recent heart ultrasound of the parents has to be without abnormalities. Same counts for the physical appearance: we only mate dogs that achieved the conformation V or SG (Excellent or very good) in DTK conformations shows and CACIB dogs shows. The DNA profiles of our breeding dogs are registered and they have a proof of parentage (through DNA).

To improve the hunting qualities, both parents have to be tested in hunting tests and (more important) work great on real calls (!!!). Given that not only the genetic predispositions, but also the social imprinting are important factors for the later nature of the dog, we do our best to create the best starting conditions.


The puppies grow up and live in our house, where they get used to all kind of household noises and have a large backyard to play. Here they will explore different substrates, tubes as well as acoustical and optical impulses. All our dogs and puppies are carefully surveilled by our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Rötzel.
Very early the puppies will have their first imprinting on game via wild boar-, roe deer, red deer-, and fox skins. The imprinting (social and hunting) is very important to us! The following pictures show you some aspects on imprinting that we value a lot!


When you pick up your puppy, it will about 10 -12 weeks old (depending on local rabies regulations), ID microchipped, several times dewormed, vaccinated and in possession of an EU-pet passport. The puppy already experienced car rides to our nearby hunting grounds and is used to a collar. The FCI recognized papers (FCL) will be sent later to you (often needs a certain time until we receive the pedigrees from the studbook office).


It is very important to us to welcome and meet you ( and preferably your family too ) personally, previous to the puppy purchase. Dachshunds need an affectionate but very consequent and consistent education! Therefore we encourage you to visit a puppy school/ (hunting-) dog school and to compete in hunting trails/tests. The breeder makes the puppy, but the handler makes the dog!

Furthermore it is very important to us to stay updated on the development of the dachshund. We love to receive pictures and reports of the dog! We would also be happy to help with words and deed during your dachshund's life! Dachshunds are very family orientated dogs, thus keeping them all day in an outside kennel is an absolute no-go! Permanent access to the family and house is very important if you want a friend and fellow tracker/hunter for life!


Dachshunds are hunting and tracking dogs, and we breed them for this purpose. Therefore we only give our puppies to hunters (mainly bloodtrackers). Hunting practice is however no the only way to occupy a dachshund. You can do much more with your dog outside of the hunting and tracking season: activities such as track training, dummy work, man trailing, agility or other dog sport activities are also good to keep a dachshund busy in a breed-appropriated way. This is very important to guarantee the physical and mental wellbeing of a hunting dog.


We would be pleased to hear from you!

If you are interested in a puppy can find current information about litter planing here

Utah vom Neunten Weinberg x Isegrim vom Lortzengrund FCI
Utah vom Neunten Weinberg x Isegrim vom Lortzengrund FCI

Über die Bindung zur emotionalen Sicherheit zum sicheren Wesen: Teil 1 und 2
A very interesting article about bonding from the journal "Der Dachshund", edition April and May 2016! Article in German
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